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US $ 95 / pc

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20 pc

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Product Description

Foshan Dahong to cut off screens factory is a production, sales, installation, cut off parts sales, maintenance professionals as one cut off enterprises, providing customers with one-stop service from design, sales, production, installation to after sales. Since the date of the establishment for the purpose of the spirit of "quality service, excellent quality, reasonable price", stands the partition in a highly competitive industry and our customers get the praise. Up to the macro to the design concept of the most fashionable, high quality products and the most personalized service for the business objectives, supplemented by a rigorous production management to ensure product quality.
Dahong has more than ten models of the two series, has formed a partition products with a number of independent intellectual property rights. Activities cut off 65 Type 80/85, 100, and ultra-high-type four models, including ultra-high-type activities cut off the world's leading technical level, with super rail imports hanging round, a special barge port and automatic steering system, up to 13m, the noise factor of 50db, suitable for large-scale high-end conference hall, banquet hall, exhibition halls, and other professional venues to use. Activities of various types of partition can be any angle turn, to achieve a full range of flexible, multi-angle separated by space, full of the art of indoor space separated.
Hanging round with partition accessories: 65 - 80/85, 100 activities to cut off products made of PTFE material, strong wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, acid and alkali, each hanging round two wheels, with to reinforce the stainless steel ring. In orbit, two wheels in the opposite direction rotation (rather than sliding) to ensure smooth operation, smooth, no noise. Each piece of cut off the board with one or two hanging round, hanging round with fine bearing 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 360 degrees and the angle smoothly turn without steering, fully expanded or fully closing the lighting angle can also be adjustable blinds from the latest wave of fashion design.
Up to the macro will continue development, innovation, and advancing with the times. Better products, better prices, better services; to our customers and continue to cooperate sincerely with old and new customers to create brilliant

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